Suntan will be on Chinese New Year holiday Soon!

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  • Dear Customers,

    At the end of January 2020, here comes the most important festival in China and Taiwan, which is our Chinese New Year! We are all looking forward to the festival since we can get together with our family during these days and do some interesting activities. Such as have New Year's greetings, lighting firecrackers, decorate spring couplets beside the doors, have reunion dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve, and children will receive red envelopes...and so on. If you are attracted by these fun events and joyful atmosphere, welcome to visit China or Taiwan during these days.

    Meantime, pls note that Jan. 25th~28th, 2020 is our Chinese New Year holiday, Suntan sales team will come back to work on Jan. 29th, 2020. However, our factory holiday is longer, the lead time will be extended accordingly. If you have any demand recently, pls contact our sales team as soon as possible so that we can arrange for you earlier. Thank you.