Suntan Offers X2 Capacitor With Highest Capacitance Value Up to 10uF

Suntan Technology Company Limited
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Suntan TS08V is a kind of Fixed capacitor for electromagnetic interference suppression and connection to the supply mains. It also called as RFI-suppression capacitors.

Rated voltage at 250VAC, 275VAC, 300VAC, 305VAC, 310VAC
Rated capacitance: 1nF; 1,2nF; 1,5nF; 1,8nF; 2,2nF; 2,7nF; 3,3nF; 3,9nF; 4,7nF; 5,6nF;
6 ,8nF; 8,2nF; 10nF; 12nF; 15nF; 18nF; 22nF; 27nF; 33nF; 39nF; 47nF; 56nF; 68nF;
82nF; 100nF; 120nF; 150nF; 180nF; 220nF; 270nF; 330nF; 390nF; 470nF; 560nF;
680nF; 820nF; 1000nF; 1200nF; 1500nF; 18 00nF; 2200nF; 2700nF; 3300nF;
3900nF; 4700nF; 5600nF; 6800nF; 8200nF; 10000nF

Capacitor Class and Subclass: X2
Climatic Category: 40/110/56
Passive Flammability Category: B
Certification mark: ENEC Mark and/or VDE Mark, UL, cUL