Suntan Dipped Varistor production volumn increased

Suntan offer different size of dipped varistor and the production volumn is keep increasing. We have sice code 05D, 07D, 09D, 10D, 14D,18D and 20D and each is with different voltage, varistor Voltage ranges from 18V to 1800V.

Dipped Varistor has fast response to the rapidly rising surge voltage. It with high performance clamping voltage characteristics. So, with these characteristics, it could be applied for Transistor, diode, IC, thyristor and triac semiconductor protection; Surge protection in consumer electronics; Surge protection in industrial electronics; Surge protection in communication, measuring and controller electronics; Surge protection in electronic home appliances and gas and petroleum appliances; Electrostatic discharge and noise spike suppression; Relay and electromagnetic valve surge absorption.