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  • Dear customers,

    Please see our latest stock list as below:

    Items QTY
    TS19 Tan Cap 100uF 16V +/-20% P:2.54 RoHS 2,000
    TSC3S503T1R 45,000
    TSC3S506T1R 18,000
    TSC3S510T1R 31,000
    TSC3S520T1R 27,000
    TSC3S530T1R 30,000
    Diode ES2D SMB 60MIL Tape & Reel RoHS 45,000

    Datasheets for reference:
    1. TS19(dipped tantalum capacitor):
    2. TSC3S(3mm SMD ceramic trimmer capacitor):
    3. ES2D(2.0A SMB super fast rectifier):

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