Suntan TSC3S is Recommended to Replace Murata TZC3

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  • As Murata discontinued 3mm Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor TZC3 series, many customers switched to use our TSC3S series to replace it.
    For more specifications, please check our datasheet:
    Now, we have following quantity stock in Hongkong. Please send email to our sales team to order it.

    3mm SMD Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor 
    Quantity (pcs)
    TSC3S503T1 1.5pF - 3pF  Black  RoHS
    TSC3S506T1 2pF - 6pF   Blue   RoHS
    TSC3S510T1 3pF - 10pF Ivory RoHS
    TSC3S520T1 5.5pF - 20pF Pink   RoHS
    TSC3S530T1 8pF - 30pF   Green  RoHS

    Normal lead time: 7-8 weeks if without stock