Suntan Launch New Diodes and Rectifiers

Suntan Technology Company Limited

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  • As you know, Suntan offers various of Diodes & Rectifiers. Not only that, we are still trying to develope more kinds of items to meet our customers' need.

    It is worth mentioning that we launch and update some new series recently! Welcome to check below chart for items datesheet and more information. If you have any requirement, we are always glad to help: . Thank you.

    1N4148WS BZX85C MM5Z2V0-MM5Z75
    1N4148WT LS4148 MM5Z2B4-MM5ZB75
    1N5817HS-1N5819HS MM1Z2V0-MM1Z75 MMBD4148
    BAV21W MM1Z2B4-MM1ZB75 MMBTA10
    BC337-BC338 MM3Z2V0-MM3Z75 MMBTA92
    BZV55B MM3Z2B4-MM3ZB75 ZM4727-ZM4761

    More Diodes & Rectifiers: