Suntan Diodes of Plastic Surface-Mounted Package and Axial Leaded Package

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    Diodes have the property of unidirectional continuity, facilitating them to be applied in the rectifier circuits, converting alternating current into the pulsating direct current. Also the switching characteristic of diodes can be used to form various logic circuits.

    Suntan shows you several series of diodes that are selling hot this quarter including Small-outline transistor, N-Channel MOSFET, Small signal Schottky diodes and NPN Bipolar Transistors. We offer inventory, pricing, & datasheets for diodes Linear Voltage Regulators.

    Plastic, surface-mounted package: SOT323, SOT363, SOT89, SOD123, SOD323, SOD523, SOT23.
    3-Pin Plastic Header Style Package (Axial Leaded): The TO-92 is an axial leaded, flat index package. The primary shipping methods are tape-and-reel, or radial ammo pack.