Suntan is Starting to Offer Stocks for Tantalum Capacitor and X2 Capacitor

For meeting more and more customer's requirement on the urgent delivery, recently Suntan made an important decision that we will keep stock for some series, starting from tantalum capacitor which is always with long lead time, as well as hot offer TS08S X2 capacitors.

From the year of 2010, with the order increased sharply, our production lines are always overload and the delivery schedule is longer than former accordingly. Our management realized the importance and emergency of the availability of stocks, and decided to keep stock for some common series. The lead time of tantalum capacitor are extremely long, and the current requirement from the market for our TS08S X2 capacitor is fairly well, as a result we chose these 2 series as a starting. If you need these 2 series, just feel free to check with Suntan professional sales if any stock available or not. With the support from customers, we believe our stock could cover a wider range of series in the near future!

Shortcut to specs:

Tantalum capacitor - radial --->
Tantalum capacitor - SMD --->
X2 capacitor --->